WiredDeals discussed at FatWallet forums

Someone has started a thread about WiredDeals at the FatWallet forums. It is up for 2 days now and has collected some interesting replies. Check it out over here and add your own opinion if you think FatWallet community needs to hear it.

The fact that the discussion hasn't been taken down may mean two things (a) all moderators are already celebrating the holidays (b) folks at FatWallet are busy writing C & D letters and don't want to get distracted on little things like this forum discussion.

Seriously though this if anything may mean silent acceptance of WiredDeals by FatWallet management (see my earlier post about the letter we received from Tim Storm). I hold my fingers crossed and hope for official comments to follow.


  1. mikeZbeet

    December 24th, 2006 at 3:34 PM

    Thread was left for 11 days.

    Not bad, I did not think it was going to last that long.

    Still some left here

    cache as retrieved on Dec 16, 2006

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