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When you are looking for a bargain how do you usually go about it? We first check the most popular deal postings. The chances are it is going to be something worth our attention. This is exactly what this new tool does. From all postings discussed during the day at FatWallet and SlickDeals it picks 200 most popular ones and presents the keywords from these postings in a form of a tag cloud. The tags with higher popularity get more weight so you can easily spot the deals that get more attention in the forums.

As they say a single look worth a thousand of words. Check it out and decide for yourself if this is something you like. Of course we would love to hear what you think about it.


FatWallet overhauls ranking algorithm

If you are subscribed to rating based alerts you must have noticed a lot of false alarms today. The news is FatWallet has changed the algorithm behind posts ranking. You can no longer give negative rating to a post. More details on this can be found here.

To get things back in harmony we introduce temporary workaround. We will treat FatWallet new rating as double the old (normal) value. Basically we will divide it by 2 before publishing on WiredDeals. This will ensure that it has approximately the same weight as deals rated by SlickDeals.

Let us know what you think about it.


Adding One More Forum?

We consider adding another forum in addition to the five forums from SlickDeals.net and FatWallet.com that we already cover. If you have not already done so please Vote which forum you would like to be added next.

We tend to choose None from all the options since SlickDeals.net and FatWallet.com cover probably 90% of all new deals out there. Adding another not so popular forum may just add duplicate deals. Yet if we had to add a forum the Vote list is given in the order of our own preference (from the most preffered to the least preffered).

Here is another point to consider. None of the listed forums support deals ranking. This means that all deals from this new forum will show up with 0 rating. This is not a problem though if all you want is the ability to search across multiple forums.


We Have Improved Search

We made improvements to Search functionality. Search result now highlights the search string and also contains deals from archives (the original search only had New Deals). Since each search can now potentially result in a very large number of deals we had to add results pagination. Give it a try and let us know if you like it.


Make Your Voice Heard

Have you been using WiredDeals recently? Do you find it useful? Not really? Want some particular feature that is currently missing? Have other concerns or just want to share your experience with others?

Make your opinion count!

We have added a comment link to the News section effectively turning News into a Blog. The link is on the right side at the end of each post. If you have anything to say - post it in the comments. We really appreciate your feedback and hope others can benefit from it as well.


Use Popularity in Deal Alerts

Use Popularity as criteria when adding a Deal Alert. Popularity reflects how many people have been attracted by the deal and allows you to pinpoint popular postings irrelevant of how the deal is ranked by others. Popularity is also a reverse function of time. In other words it fades out over time if the deal stops attracting people.

Popularity comes handy to fight a known scam. If you are long enough with FatWallet and SlickDeals you may have noticed that sometimes really hot deals get a negative feedback immediately after posting. This can be explained by others trying to bury the deal thus saving it for themselves before it becomes known to wide public (and the item goes out of stock). If you use Popularity then rating becomes irrelevant and you get alerted by anything that is potentially hot.

Read more here about how Deal Alerts work and how you can receive them.


Save Your Deals

You can now save your favorite deals for future reference: just click on the logo icon (like this: Fw-hot) next to the deal you like and the deal will be added to the Saved Deals list in your Profile.

This functionality is available for registered users only. Registration is free.


Check out Deal Charts

Deal Charts is our attempt to add some color to the bargain hunter's everyday routine. The charts are updated every 5 minutes. Here is a screenshot of one of them. Enjoy!



Have you tried our Deal Alerts?

Deal Alerts is an easy and fast way to keep track of hot deals published in the forums. How do they work? Here is how.

Our server collects and processes data from internet forums every 5 minutes and matches every single deal against the criteria you have defined. You can search for a specific item by a Search String or you can search for any hot deal using the Deal Rating as criteria.

If a deal is found that matches your alert an email similar to the one below will be immediately sent to you. Very often our subscribers receive alerts within 2-3 minutes of the time the posting is made to the forums.

You can add multiple alerts to help you keep track of different things. And most importantly you don't have to pay anything. This functionality is absolutely free. The only thing you need to do is let us know where we should send the alerts.

Register now to access the Deal Alerts functionality!



We have added SlickDeals forums.

We have just added two forums from SlickDeals.net to the list of sites supported by WiredDeals. The complete list so far is:

Fw-hotFatWallet.comHot Deals
Fw-freeFatWallet.comFree Stuff
Sd-hotSlickDeals.netHot Deals

Give our new Widget a try!

We made it even easier for you to keep track of hot deals. Download our new widget from Yahoo! Widget Gallery and let us know if you like it. The latest widget release (0.3) allows you to configure:

  • Number of deals to display
  • Forum (All, Hot Deals, Finance, etc.)
  • Deal age limit (deals posted in last 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, etc.)
  • Deals update frequency
  • Widget appearance (colors)


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