About us

Like many men, we hate shopping. But strangely enough we enjoy shopping online; including the same stuff we usually buy at Target and Walmart. The difference: the one is a chore; the other is a sport. And as with every sport we wanted to be in the lead.

As we began looking for bargains soon enough we found who the leaders on the market were. So we spent hours and hours searching forums at FatWallet.com and SlickDeals.net for hot deals and eventually came to a conclusion that it can be a very frustrating experience. The place really lacks structure and you can easily get lost in the tons of deals posted daily. To simplify life for ourselves (and hopefully for you as well) we built this site.

How does it work?

Deals are collected from the forums every 15 minutes. They are sorted based on how their rating changed over time and then displayed on the New Deals page with fastest growing deals on top. The ratings we use are calculated based on the number of positive votes the deals receive in the forums when they are posted.

Popularity is one more attribute that can help you spot a hot deal. It is calculated based on the deal age and also based on how many people have viewed the deal posting in the forums.

Deal rating and its popularity are often unrelated. While the former reflects conscious decision to vote the deal up or down the latter simply reflects how many people the deal has attracted and how fast. Use these attributes at your discretion and remember that we are just providing tools - only you yourself can find your deal.

Registration is free!

Additional functionality is available when you register. You will be able to define email alerts based on the criteria you select. For example if you look for an iPOD you could add an alert with search string set to iPOD. Every 30 minutes (every 15 minutes for Premium Accounts) the new deals will be analyzed and when a deal is detected with iPOD in its title you will be notified by e-mail.

If you choose to keep track of any potentially hot deal then just add an alert with criteria set based on the rating growth. For example you can choose the rating increase 100 in 2 hours as your triggering condition. In this case we will be checking the deals for rating increase and will send you an email as soon as a deal is found that satisfies this condition.

In addition you will be able to save your favorite deals in your profile and also take advantage of our latest feature: interests. Interests are in essence keywords that get highlighted as you browse the deals. You could use them to highlight your favorite brands (e.g. sony, toshiba, etc) or the stores you like to shop at.

Premium Accounts

!!! Sorry, Premium Accounts functionality has been discontinued !!!

If you find yourself using WiredDeals every day please consider contributing to the project by upgrading to Premium Account. Your support will allow us to keep the basic service free for the rest of the users. It will also allow you to get more from WiredDeals. Here are highlights of the differences between Free and Premium Account.

Free AccountPremium Account
Maxium Number of Alerts315
Alerts Processing FrequencyEvery 30 minutesEvery 15 minutes

If you have already registered for a free account please use the drop down list and the Paypal Checkout button below to upgrade to Premium Account. Once you have done so please use the Feedback Form to notify us of your payment and also mention your WiredDeals username.

We usually process upgrade requests within 1-2 business days after we receive your payment. After that you have 10 days to try the service. If you are not satisfied you can request a full refund before your trial period is over.

!!! Sorry, Premium Accounts functionality has been discontinued !!!


Yours sincerely,
WiredDeals.com team

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